Magnepull Reviews

This device is FANTASTIC. I was leery about paying $160 for something that none of my friends knew about, but it works better than expected. Our house was built in the 1970s when swag lighting was in, so there were no ceiling lights except in the kitchen. Dark! I needed to put in 8 ceiling lights, all retrofits.

Based on previous experience pulling wire, I estimated it would take me and a helper 3 hours to install each light, 24 hours total, with a lot of the time spent trying to fish wires, which is particularly nasty on the insulated walls. But with the magnapull it was so fast to pull wires that we averaged forty-five minutes per light, including cutting in the fixture box and wiring up the fixtures, so the whole job only took about 6 hours from setup to cleanup.

In an uninsulated wall, once I've drilled a hole in the wall's plate to insert the "bullet" with a pull string attached, it took less than a minute for my partner to run the bullet down the wall and out the switch hole using the magnetized roller. Insulated walls are a little more challenging. We found that what worked best, instead of using the roller, was to run a metal fish tape inside the wall between the drywall and the insulation up to the bullet (which is magnetized too). The bullet grabs onto the fish tape and then it's easy to pull down. Sometimes we used the roller in conjunction with the fish tape. In either case, it only took two or three minutes on average to fish the bullet out the receptacle hole in an insulated wall. Without the Magnepull, it could easily take a half hour or more to do this with fish tape alone. 
-Robert Peters 01/31/2012

I bought this item thinking "How good could it be", but it is better than I thought possible. I wanted to run Ethernet cable through my three story house, my home was built in 1925 so the walls are made of plaster, not sheetrock. I contacted three vendors and all of them told me it was impossible to run Ethernet cables through the walls since I have plaster walls. I got quotes for the work ranging from $1,800 to $4,500.

After seeing the quotes I decided to give this product a try and it worked wonders. I was able to run Ethernet cable from the basement to my attic without much difficulty. It took me about 5-6 hours but it was well worth the time. This product made finding the cables and then cutting the holes in the wall to pull through effortless. The worst problem I had was that it got stuck on a nail going down one wall, I pulled it and went fishing again.

This item worked like a charm and exceeded my expectations. Due the ease in which I can now run wires through my wall, I went ahead and installed a video camera system outside my house and it took me less than a day.

I highly recommend this item! The magnet and pulling chain are so strong once they connect that the pulley handle will hold itself on the wall. Watch this youtube video to see it in action: [...] 
 -J Leahy 12/2/2011

I got the new 3/4 mag without leader you sent me. I appreciate very much, its awesome. I was working with my boss who's been in the alarm buisness for over twenty years (no joke) to use magnepull for first time when we were fishing wire on exterior wall. He laughed when i showed him the unit for the first time and said he didn't think it work. Anyways, he put the roller where i had magnet in wall from under house pulled it up and around a lightswitch and back over light switch for keypad and then out from 1 inch hole in wall. Now he cant wait to buy one for himself!!!! You should have seen that mans face, priceless!!! Thank you.

-Clark 05/2010

I just got your voice mail. I did get the tool and I was able to use it last night. I had two insulated walls to fish a wire down. The tool and locator worked beautifully. I have to say, I do not think I have fished an insulated wall that easy before. Very cool. I will follow up with you more later.
-Jon 05/2010

I don't normally leave feedback on any tools i have used for retrofit jobs in the field. But I would like to thank who ever designed the Magnepull system. I have installed a lot of burg alarms and other low voltage epuipment on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for about 6 years now. The houses here can be extremely difficult to fish wires in walls and ceilings with standard pull rods and other fish tools, however ever since I bought the magnepull I have been extremely impressed with its design and how much time and effort it has saved me in the field. I have been able to fish wires in walls with insulation without making enormous holes. What I like most about the Magnepull is that you can use it in confined spaces to drag wires across ceilings or up/down walls where green rods just won't do. Every installer doing retrofit work should have a Magnepull, it is by far the best tool I have EVER used. Thank you.

-Clark 04/2010

I work for the phone company and I've always found that wall-fishing can destroy your productivity for the day. When I was working in MS my company gave me this tool to use and I can't imagine ever doing a wall-fish without it. It literally takes a job that can beat you up for hours and turn it into an effortless 5 min job. The things that this company claims their product is capable of is absolutely true. The only issue that I found is that when doing carpet fishing it takes a little more to pull your wire than just taking the wand and bringing the product to your destination, but even with that said, it's outstanding and is worth every penny invested.

-Andrew D. Salter 2/17/2010

Bought this and used it -- worked like a charm!! Absolutely delighted to see such an ingenious solution to fishing wires inside walls, especially with insulation and other obstacles.

-stroy0 1/16/2010

I have been pulling cable for over 5 years and never heard of this thing. it beats fish tape anyday! if you do run wires evey day like me, you need this magnapull
-Albert 11/7/2008

I am generally very difficult to impress when it comes to new tools and ideas, but this thing is great. I used it to pull a coax cable through an insulated wall with a built in cabinet against it. There was even a 1/2 "
void between the wall and the back panel of the cabinet. It still worked like a dream. It might not be new, but it's new to me. Saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Worth the money!

-Johnny 02/08