I put off buying this product for many of months. I just couldnt bring myself to pay the price when i could use a measuring tape, boy was that stupid. If you do any sort of installations like i do day in and day out. This thing saves tons of time. You will catch your self just trying to come up with more ways to use it. It will go through brick, blown in insulation or anything else you can throw at it. If you are within about 3 feet it will start to beep so that you know you are getting warmer. Just be sure to drill above where it tell you it is spot on or mark the center spot and go inside to remove it. Otherwise you will drill into the device and you wont want to damage this gem of a tool.
-Cody Son

August 5, 2016

I used this product along with the Magnespot MS800-4 to install recessed lighting and these saved me a ton of time and eliminated hassle. I used the MS-800 product to spot the initial location where I wanted the lights then went into the attic to find that approximate location. I then used the Magnespot XR1000 to position the exact location to cut the holes. The combination allowed me to hone in on precise locations around rafter interference with very little trouble. 
-J. Milleron

February 15, 2014

I am a commercial cable installer and I need tools that work right and save me time. The first time I used it on a brick wall it was spot on! If you have to drill as many holes blind as I do, I highly recommend this product!
 -Dennis Sharpon

January 5, 2013

I bought this for my crews to use on retrofit installs and we have been absolutely amazed at how much time it has saved us. When having to remove some decking on the second floor to get wires ran for a home theater on the first floor it was impossible to figure out where to cut the flooring. The house had a 12' porch overhang at the front of the home plus large soffits but the room above went out over the porch by several feet so trying to measure this entire thing out and then subtract would have taken sometime. Not with this cool little gadget we simply placed the transmitter on the ceiling in the area of the first speaker then went upstairs and started walking around and once all four arrows were lined up we marked the floor. We then cut the speaker hole and opened up the section of flooring upstairs while the renovation was going on and our speaker was dead on right below where we had made our mark. No time wasted measuring, no time having to figure out if we were in the right place, just dead on accuracy. We had another project where we were retrofitting in a 10’’ pipe for a large vent hood during a huge kitchen remodel and the ceiling in the garage was lower than the ceiling in the kitchen but not by much. We had about 12'' to play with and needed a 10¼” hole, this didn’t leave a lot of room for error and if we got it too high then we would have had to used 2x4's to raise the pipe up off the rafters in the garage. This was an old home with plaster walls and stone. This thing worked great and we were able to find the exact spot to cut the hole so that we came out right on with the pipe. When finished it laid right on top of the ceiling joist without having to use any shims or any bracing, when finished we simply used our hanger strap to fasten it down. It looked like it was put in when the day the house was built 70 plus years ago it was so perfect, without this little gadget it would not have happen so quickly and we would not have been able to figure out where to drill the hole so dead on. In the past it would have involved several inspection holes and a lot of measuring. It was all reduced to about an 8 min project before we were cutting in our large hole. We had another project that we had to drill a hole for a 1¼” black iron gas pipe and needed to be hidden behind a gutter pipe at the back corner of the home. Very tricky measuring, but with this tool we simply placed the transmitter outside on the exact place where we wanted the hole to come out then went into the basement above the drop ceiling and located the spot. My guys were blown away when the hole they drilled came out dead on; also this was a solid poured concrete basement wall with large stone cemented on the other side so total thickness through solid concrete and stone was about 14” to 15” inches. The only thing we found it won’t work on is metal but that's because its uses magnets and we all know how much magnets like metal. We have been really happy with this tool and I will be buying more to keep on other trucks in the future. Simply put if you have to drill any holes through any material expect METAL then you need this reference point locator. There is simply no real leaning needed you just place the tip were you want the hole to come out line up the 4 arrows on the other side and drill, it’s that easy.

-Richard Obermarkon

August 23, 2013